Caring for Gem-set Jewellery

  • Take off jewellery by grapping on the metal portion instead of the gemstones to prevent the stones from getting loose or even falling off.

  • Gemstones can easily get stained and oily. For cleaning, mild soap solution can be used, except for emerald jewellery. Soak it with warm soap water for 30 minutes then use fine brush to clean the jewelry. Then wipe it with soft damp towel and pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

  • Necklace and Bracelet should be kept in jewellery box and lying flat to prevent compression and deformation.

  • Each piece of jewellery should be kept in separate compartment, pouch or wrap them individually in jewellery boxes to prevent scratching.

  • Avoid using cosmetics, perfume, sun block oil and hair spray when wearing jewellery.

  • Don’t wear jewellery when showering and doing physical exercise.